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Cassidy began her fitness/nutrition career when she graduated from Utah Valley University with her BA in Community Health. Her excitement for fitness pushed her into the direction of group fitness. She loved the energy and excitement that the environment created and couldn’t get enough. She loves surrounding herself with others who want to work hard, become stronger and give it their all in every workout!! She believes her intense training methods are not only good for the body, but for the soul as well. She loves helping others develop a positive self worth and becoming their best physical and mental self. Cassidy is also an avid runner and just completed the Boston Marathon! She has 3 beautiful children and a husband who also Trains Insane!

Cassidy Merrill

Founder, Train Insane

Amy Jensen is wife and mother of 3! She is also a mortgage loan officer. Her fitness journey began after she had her second child, but she wanted more. She began running and became addicted. She made a goal to run a marathon by her 30th birthday and completed that goal one month before. Since then she has completed 10 full marathons and her biggest dream came true when she Boston Qualified last year! She loves  working hard and being pushed out of her comfort zone. She is so happy to be a part of the Train Insane Tribe. She loves to cheer others on and to help them become the best versions of themselves. She believes even though we all have challenges and struggles we go through, the biggest feat is to never give up and to just keep on keeping on!  Amy is Insanity and Train Insane certified.

Amy Jensen

Instructor, Train Insane

Mindy is a wife and mama to 4 beautiful girls, She is just trying to live the best life, be the best example to them, and be someone they can be proud of. In order to do that, physical and mental health has to be a priority. As an athlete, she has found that being physically active has helped her through life’s hard trials and allowed her to become better over the years. She enjoys everything from trail running in the mountains, playing soccer on the fields with her family, biking, boating on the lake, and anything and everything that has a beach involved! She is grateful to have found Train Insane years ago, the workouts are intense!! Even better, the environment is safe, welcoming and filled with women who are strong emotionally, mentally and physically. They are beautiful people that she feels blessed to be among! She wants everyone to experience Train Insane and all that it has to offer!
Mindy Edwards

Instructor, Train Insane

Kylee is a mom of two darling boys.  She enjoys hiking, rollerblading and traveling.  Working out has become an outlet that has made Kylee feel happier and stronger, both mentally and physically. Kylee has such a fun personality and brings such a fun and motivating atmosphere to Train Insane Classes.  She loves helping others reach their goals and become stronger too.  Kylee is a certified Insanity and Train Insane instructor.

Kylee Matson

Instructor, Train Insane

Lacey couldn’t be more excited to be joining the Train Insane team! She is a wife and mother to 3 kids including twin girls! Her family is her world and she is most happy when she is with them! Fitness and working out have always been a part of her life. Whether it be Train Insane, running, lifting, group fitness, or cycling she does it all and LOVES it all!  For Lacey, mental fitness is as important as physical fitness and she has found that there is no better place to work on both than at Train Insane! She believes Train Insane pushes you to your mental and physical limits while providing you with the best coaching and motivation to help you push through!  She is passionate about serving and helping others to realize their potential while becoming the best version of themselves!
Lacey Casper

Instructor, Train Insane

Morgan Clark is a student at Utah Valley University, majoring in Public Health. She is studying to be a health teacher and hopes to certify to be a nutritionist in the future. She has been a High Fitness instructor for two years now and loves teaching and dancing with her friends at Vasa. Other than High Fitness, Morgan loves to ski, hike, go to the beach, and be with her friends and family! Morgan is passionate about exercise and the effects it can have on our mood and self-esteem. She has found a deeper love and appreciation for her body from working out at Train Insane and seeing her body become mentally and physically stronger. As an instructor, she wants her participants to achieve the same thing. Morgan has a fun, contagious, and energetic personality that makes you feel comfortable, have fun, and work hard!
Morgan Clark

Instructor, Train Insane

Kate is a spunky Georgia peach with a passion for helping people live their healthiest lives possible. A recent graduate from BYU’s Marriott School of Business, she works full-time for Intermountain Health as a Consumer Experience (CX) Designer. Growing up, she was always super active. While living overseas, she competed internationally in both soccer and swimming but quickly fell in love with running. By the time she moved back to the states, she focused solely on running and was competitive in the 1600m/3200m/5k until she broke her foot due to overtraining. This injury taught her the importance of prioritizing weight training with any sport and she has yet to be injured since. Kate is a huge advocate for listening to your body while pushing it to its limits. She has found Train Insane to be the perfect, healthy push for her fitness goals and can’t wait to help others reach theirs!

"They say if you surround yourself with the best, you’ll become the best… that is Train Insane to me."

Kate Yeargin

Instructor, Train Insane

Nicole has been around fitness her whole life. She grew up watching her mother as a personal trainer and her father run many St. George marathons as well as the Boston Marathon. Raised in St. George Utah, Nicole was never expected to be active but she couldn't help but gravitate toward health and fitness. She has spent the last 10 years understanding what "being truly healthy" means. After marrying and having 3 children Nicole realized health and wellness isn't about a number. She found it is more so about pushing your body, enjoying, motivation, breaking barriers, competitiveness, mixing it up, doing your best, and becoming a better version of yourself. Nicole brings her love and desire to be healthy, strong, and happy to every class she teaches and is an amazing addition to the Train Insane tribe!

Nicole Richards

Instructor, Train Insane

Rachel is thrilled to join the Train Insane team! She lives in Orem, Utah with her husband and 2 kids, who are her favorite people. Rachel studied Music Dance Theater at Brigham Young University and English at Utah Valley University. She has performed in numerous theatrical productions here in Utah and in film/tv as well. After having kids and struggling with postpartum depression, Rachel is a firm believer in, not only the physical benefits of exercise, but of the mental as well. Train Insane is the perfect place to push your body and mind to the limit and feel super accomplished after a workout. She is passionate about helping others realize they are not alone and can not only overcome hardships in their lives, but thrive. Rachel likes to bring mindfulness to her workouts, shake a little booty, and encourage others to keep going and try their best.
Rachel Hansen

Instructor, Train Insane

Hilary is a wife, a mother of 3 energetic kids, and has a passion for health and fitness. She just completed her first marathon and plans to run many more! She enjoys yoga, hiking, being in the mountains & anything challenging. Hilary fell in love with HIIT workouts when she joined Train Insane in 2020. Ever since then, she has thrived in pushing herself & wants to motivate others to give it their all! She is a strong believer in mental health. Hilary truly believes that if you train hard you will spark that fire within yourself and fall in love with who you will become!

“There’s nothing like a hard freaking workout with the most bad ass community!”

Hilary Santos

Instructor, Train Insane

Arizona Instructors

My name is Jessi and I am the lucky SOB who gets to run the show over at our Chandler AZ location! I love AZ and have lived here in the past, so when the opportunity came up to move back down to open our Chandler location I absolutely could not pass it up. I thrive in the heat and the hot sunshine! I love a good ass kickin, so naturally I am a true Train Insane junkie. Since I first got certified, teaching has become my favorite thing and something that just makes me come alive. I absolutely love helping and watching people push, empower, and challenge themselves everyday in class. Health and fitness is something I value a ton and I feel lucky to get to share that world so closely with other people.
Jessi Meservy

Instructor, Train Insane

Breezy is a wife and mother to 4 babes. She is a store manager at Lululemon, and has a serious love for fitness. There isn’t a workout she doesn't enjoy. She found her way into fitness through the world of running! She has completed many races from 5ks to marathons, to ultra marathons. She has a CrossFit level 1 certification and loved gaining strength after many years of endurance training focus. Her passion is to help others see themselves as capable of picking up that heavy weight they think is impossible, run farther than they ever imagined, and feel their best physically! She believes the workouts at Train Insane are the perfect blend of endurance & strength. She loves coaching the workouts, and seeing the Train Insane community break barriers on a daily! "It’s been a real dream!"

Breezy Rhodes

Instructor, Train Insane

There are so many emotions tied to exercise. I grew up playing sports. I got my degree in Exercise Science. I rarely miss a day where I’m not physically active, whether on my own or with my husband and our three little boys! It’s so much more than looking good (although that’s a perk!) It’s where I reset mentally. It’s how I connect with people I love. It helps me remember I can do hard things. I experience each of these emotions every time I step inside Train Insane. I can’t wait to be a part of that for others!

Chelsea Armstrong

Instructor, Train Insane

Kristin is a wife and mommy to three. She has been involved in sports and fitness ever since she can remember, growing up playing every sport she possibly could. She is a big believer that some good music, good people and a kick butt workout can get you through anything life throws at you. Train Insane pushes a person physically and mentally further than anything she has ever done and she can't wait to push, encourage and help others experience that growth within themselves (and have a little fun).
Kristin Breinholt

Instructor, Train Insane

Danica loves being a wife and mom to three amazing kids with one bonus baby on the way!
Growing up she loved playing all sports and eventually made soccer her main focus, winning State 3 times and graduating Second Team All-State. She continued to stay active, participating in multiple half-marathons eventually finding her love and passion for group fitness at the local gym. She knew she needed to be a part of it and that group fitness was going to be a huge part of her life. "There is nothing like being in a room surrounded by incredible people, working extremely hard… the energy is just unmatchable!"
Danica is AFFA Group Fitness Certified and has been teaching group fitness for 7 years. Her energy and enthusiasm for fitness helps to push and motivate participants to be the best versions of themselves and break through mental and physical barriers.
When she found Train Insane, she knew that that was the place she needed to be. "The workouts are challenging, motivating and have pushed me in ways I’ve never been pushed!" She feels so lucky to be a part of the TI team and hopes to inspire others to find their love for fitness!
Danica Wright

Instructor, Train Insane

Emily is beyond excited to be joining Train Insane as an instructor. She loves being a wife and mom of 5, and pregnant with number 6! She grew up doing competitive cheer and loved being physically active as a young girl. While cheering in high school she found a love for running and weight lifting. But at 16 years old she became very ill with Guillean Barre syndrome and was temporarily paralyzed stopping all physical activity. After being in a wheelchair, walker and over a year of physical therapy and treatments she had to relearn to walk, run and function again. She met her now husband and they started their family. After her first baby at 19 she found group fitness again and it sparked a fire in her. She loves the motivation and drive that comes from Train Insane classes and the energy and sense of community it brings. In her words, “group fitness, healed apart of her she thought she lost after getting sick.” “It’s not just about your body changing but our mental health as human beings, it’s the best form of therapy and self healing”, she says. She’s been doing weight lifting, HIIT classes and running half marathons for the last 8 years. She’s beyond excited to be at Train Insane, where she can help motivate others to get a great workout, push themselves, and feel the “high” from getting a great burn and training INSANE!

Emily Smith

Instructor, Train Insane

Dani has been married for almost thirteen years and has two beautiful girls that are the center of her world. Working out became an outlet for her just over seven years ago. It started with running, then lifting and her obsession with group fitness took off from there. She walked into TIAZ two years ago and instantly knew she had found her new home. One of the things she loves most about Train Insane is watching members transform. Their confidence grows each and every day, as an instructor, she believes there is nothing more rewarding than that! She is so grateful to be part of the TIAZ team and I can’t wait to push members closer to their goals!

Dani Nielson

Instructor, Train Insane

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