4 Week Personal Nutrition Coaching Package



  • Personalized Weekly Meal Planning
  • Recipes & Grocery List
  • Personal Macro Count
  • Initial Personal Consultation with Nicole
  • How to Track & Use My Fitness Pal
  • 4 Weeks of Personal Check-ins
  • Weekly Measurements & Fat Loss Assessments
  • Macro Adjustments as Needed

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This plan is for the person wanting a more personalized experience. With this plan you will receive a personalized weekly meal plan tailored to meet the needs of your personal macros, goals, lifestyle and food preference. With this plan you will receive an initial personal consultation with Nutrition Coach Nicole where you will discuss goals, lifestyle, tracking as well as receive a personal configured macro count and personalized meal plan. Your initial consultation will be followed up by 4-weekly personal check-ins: for accountability; to discuss goals, questions, support; weekly weigh in, measurements, & fat loss/muscle gain assessments; any needed adjustments.


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